About Us


Why did we start a business? from Iscarf2 on Vimeo.

Hi- We are Makayla and Bridges.  We are 12 and 9 years old.  Our Saturday's started to get lazy so our parents asked us if we wanted to do more chores (yard work) or start a business.  Um...  Business.  That was an easy choice. 

We've been working on this site for months planning, learning, and organizing so that we can have the best business in the entire world.   Follow us on instagram @iscarf2 and you'll see the things we are learning about building a business.  We have clips on how scarves are packaged, how to wear scarves and other random things.  

We are located in Utah so shipping will be quick.  We will ship out every Saturday and they will packaged great...you might even get a special surprise in your package.  We like happy surprises too! Oh and we just ship to the USA right now.  


Why scarves?  We love them.   We wanted to show the many ways to wear them.   We wear our mom's all the time, but wanted some our size and for our friends. 


Shipping and returns:  We ship out of Utah.  We do not offer returns or exchanges BUT if there is a flaw or malfunction in your scarves we will take care of you.  Promise.  We hand pack each scarf to make sure you get the best.

If you need to send something back or send us a treasure just because you feel like it we have a PO Box.  There are creap-o's out there so we set up a PO BOX to stay safe.

Our PO BOX address:



Kaysville UT 84037-5307


A phone number?

Because we are in school during the days and our teachers will take away our phones if we get calls we are going to ask you to email us.  hi@iscarf2.com.  We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

Security of our site:  We had to google what PCI complaint meant, but we set it up as a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant to quadruple make sure your information is safe.  

Likes:  Bridges likes to eat steak and loves naming the scarves after her friends.  She helps to take the pictures on the site and a world class packer.

            Makayla loves reading and learning how to set up a website, editing pictures and starting into the world of instagram.


More Styles you ask?  Yes, in the future we will bring in more styles of scarves.  We are a start up company (and well under 21) so we can only get a loan for so much.   We are starting with 3 designs (chevron, plain and stripe) and 20 different colors and will increase in the near future.  Sign up on our email and we will let you know when new items are in.  Or follow us on instagram.  We will be shouting it out on there too.


Thanks for reading this and we are glad you are here!